Special Unit Intervention, psychological support for victims EMERGENCY

What’s C.I.S. Assistance ?

The special intervention unit, C.I.S. Assistance, was created in 2001 from the observation that companies and organizations faced with crises have to diagnose their causes in emergency situations and provide technical and human solutions best suited to mitigate or eliminate as soon as possible negative effects.

Too often, taking into account the effects of a crisis on staff members is not a priority. Such effects are often neglected or possible responses postponed, businesses and organizations do not necessarily have the time nor the needed skills to respond. C.I.S. Assistance provides counseling for managers all types of organizations in order to respond effectively to trauma in a professional environment. Since its creation, the missions of CIS Assistance have expanded. CIS has been able to respond to a number of situations and extreme circumstances (attacks, death, robbery, natural disaster…) Read more

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