Managing in Crisis situations

This training is for people with responsibilities within a company and aims to enable them to understand the challenges of leadership in a crisis and find solutions.
Duration : two days

Collective Accidents

In the context of the global economic crisis, the organizational and human impact for a company of an accident can have repercussions both on a personal and an organizational level.
The purpose of this training is to enable participants to understand the consequences of such crises and to prevent them.
Duration : two days

Increased international mobility

International business development relies on successful expatriation programs which are often considered a highly valuable career path.
This training targets:
– The expatriate and cross-cultural implications of expatriation
– The human and economic consequences of expatriation
The program aims to provide an understanding of the intercultural challenges which may face expatriates and give them the tools to enable them to prepare successfully.
Duration : three days

Prevention and Awareness of psychological trauma

The different objectives of this training are to:
– Understand psycho traumatic situations and their impact
– Know how to mobilize employees for the prevention of psychological trauma,
– Identify levels of intervention to limit the impact of trauma: prevention, immediate action, and follow up
– Understanding collective behavior in catastrophes based on case studies.
Duration : two days

How to deal with the loss of a member of staff and bereavement counselling

This training aims to enable managers to understand what is at stake on the death of an employee. Through simulations and case studies (or are you going to kill someone??), the various aspects of their role with the family, relatives, colleagues and eventually witnesses to the death will be discussed. This work provides participants with the appropriate responses to these situations.
Duration : two days

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